How Much Is It At Amazon, eBay, Google And Stores Near You?


Yesterday, I scanned a few product UPCs at a local SAM’s Club store using SmartBars installed in my iPhone 4S. For each scan, it took a few seconds to return results. Here are what I found.

Brother TN450 High Yield Toner Cartridge – Retail Packaging – Black

Online: Amazon $37, BestBuy $68.99, eBay $9.99, $20.95, Google $44.18.

Local: (Zip Code: 48188, Radius: 15 Miles)
3 Office Depot stores at $68.49
4 Staples stores at 68.49
10 Best Buy stores at 68.49

It also lists all local store’s addresses and phone numbers. Click the first link in Related articles to see the complete page results.

Lincoln (DVD)

Online: Amazon $22.99, BestBuy $19.99, eBay $0.99, $11.25, $19.96, Google $16.38.

Local: (Zip Code: 48188, Radius: 15 Miles)
Not found any stores.

Click the second link in Related articles to see the complete page results.

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Not All Mobile Shopping Apps Built Equal


There is no lack of mobile shopping apps these days. Amazon’s Price Check, eBay’s RedLaser, Google Shopper, and mobile apps from retailers like Target, Walmart, etc., to name a few.

But there is one problem. They don’t talk to each other! Therefore, you may end up with many mobile apps installed if you want to shop around using your smart phone and switch between apps to do price comparison.

ShopSavvy tries to address the problem. But it hurts by Amazon’s policy of no mobile app access to its Web Services. Actually, ShopSavvy is shunned from Amazon’s Web APIs.

SmartBars solves this problem by conjunction of web site. It puts side by side offers from Amazon, Best Buy, eBay, Google, Macy’s,, Target, Walgreen, Walmart and thousands of more merchants. It is an ultimate mobile shopping and price comparison app you ever need!

SmartBars is merchant-neutral and product-centric.

SmartBars has most comprehensive quality information.

If you use or have used the above merchant-centric mobile shopping apps, you should try SmartBars. You will love its simplicity, comprehension and speed.

Effective Shopping Means Saving Money and Time


No matter whether you are a savvy shopper or not, you want to save money and time. Actually, for an unsavvy shopper like me, shopping effectively makes even more sense.

I am lazy and always try to avoid shopping whenever possible. So, my dream is that one day, I can use my smart phone to scan a product code, then, boom!, the best deals online or in local stores are presented in front of me!

With SmartBars mobile app, this dream comes true. SmartBars is a barcode reader and does price comparison and coupon search. For any product you scanned, it displays offers from Amazon, eBay, Google,, Best Buy, Sears, Macy’s, Target and Walmart and thousands of more merchants side by side.

SmartBars is simple, quick, and definitely a money and time saver!