Interesting Experience at Home Depot


Our 3-year old kitchen table top got sticky and scarred. We are considering to replace it with granite to match our kitchen tops. So, we went to Home Depot. We didn’t find what we were looking for. But the Home Depot lady was helpful.

The conversation turned into the granite maintenance. She showed me a tin of countertop polish but somehow couldn’t find its price. So, I used SmartBars installed in my iPhone to scan the barcode on it. Boom! In a second, the Home Depot price was shown in front of us. And even more, it also found prices at Amazon, and Google. Image (You can try this link to see what you get).

I felt obligated to buy something after all her help. We ended up with a countertop care kit to take home. Of course, I didn’t forget to scan the barcode on the kit package with my SmartBars. To my surprise, the Home Depot was cheaper than Amazon!Image(You can try this link to see what you get).

Two nice surprises for today’s Home Depot trip.

1. SmartBars can find a price even quicker than a store clerk.

2. Brick-Mortar stores are not always more expensive.

Quick tip: Don’t forget to scan before you buy.