Find Best Price By Barcode


In the last blog, I show you how to find best price by directly typing a name in search box. However, using barcode (EAN, UPC and ISBN) is more accurate and efficient. You can type in a barcode in the search box to find prices for a product. But there is a better way if you have a smart phone.

Typing a barcode in search box is anti-intuitive and error-prone. It is better to have your smart devices read the barcode and look up prices for you automatically. In this blog, I want to show you how SmartBars mobile app can help you read barcode and compare prices. If you haven’t installed SmartBars mobile app yet, you can search SmartBars at App Store for iPhones or click here, or search SmartBars at Google Play or click here.  You can also click here and follow the instructions.

Once you have SmartBars installed, tap SmartBars app on your smart phone screen, you see the following screen.


Tap Scan button and aim your smart phone’s camera to a barcode. You see the following screen.


Tap LookUp button. You see the following screen.


From the above screen, you can tap Amazon, Best, eBay, and local stores to find the details regarding the offers. You can search store coupons. You can also tap a similar product to find out offers for it.


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